Saturday, 16 July 2016


I know its been a while, I thought that finishing college would mean I had lots of spare time but apparently not. I have managed to fill up most of July with little trips here and there. 

Earlier this week, I went to Devon for 4 days with my parents. It was such lovely weather, I was surprised considering the British summer so far has practically been winter. The sun was so hot in fact that I managed to burn my shoulders! 

Devon is graced with lovely natural beaches and country landscapes, and I made sure that I took my camera with me in order to capture these. Being by the beach is so relaxing, and thankfully it wasn't too busy as the school's had no yet broken up. Morning strolls along the beach was definitely a lovely way to start the day off. 

In 9 days I am flying off to Nice, France. Potentially this is not the best time to be going considering the devastating actions that happened on Thursday night, however I hope to still have a good a time as I can. 

Hopefully my posts will become a bit more regular again I have just been very busy with organising trips and sorting out my last summer before I start University. 

For now, I shall leave you with a selection of photographs which I took in Devon. 


Sunday, 22 May 2016


Last weekend I went to Plymouth with my parents for my mum's birthday. Luckily the weather was wonderful for one of the days so we could fully appreciate the lovely scenery and have a lovely walk. 

This was my first visit to Plymouth, and I can safely say I will definitely be returning. The scenery was beautiful, with cafe's and restaurants allowing you to sit and see the view for free of charge. 

Our first adventure was a boat trip, unfortunately we did this on the slightly cloudy day. However, it still gave us an idea of what Plymouth was like and we were still able to appreciate it. 

On the second day, we went up the lighthouse. This gave us some spectacular views and was made all the more special by the sun shining. 

Overall it was a wonderful trip away with my parents and I would definitely recommend everyone to go there. Below are a selection of the pictures I took while i was away. 


Friday, 29 April 2016

Stratford Walks

Earlier this month, my parents took me to Stratford. This is the first time I had ever been, which didn't really make much sense because it isn't too far from where I live. Our aim when we got there was to do the 'Shakespeare Walk' which is an option for tourists to see all around Shakespeare's City. 

We were thankful that the weather held out for us, while it was a little cold with the wind the sun remained shining and it meant I could take the opportunity to try taking some shots. 

The spring day meant that the trees were looking healthy and fresh, and it was a very crisp day. Hopefully you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them :) 


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Washington DC

Going back to Washington DC last summer was so lovely. I lived there for a year when I was 8 and hadn't been back since, so it was so nice to go and see if I still recognised everywhere.

I made sure to take my iPhone and my Canon camera, both would come in helpful for getting shots to remind me forever of the wonderful holiday I had. Being summer meant the lighting in almost every shot was perfect and the shadows would be perfect. Shadows in pictures are important to me, it shows the natural nature of the photograph. 

For me, it's not about taking the picture itself, although I do thoroughly enjoy that part. It's more the editing and the final result. There is nothing like staring all day at a perfectly edited picture and knowing the backstory behind it. So without further ado, I present a few of the pictures I took on that trip.


Ideas for the future

I think this is an appropriate time to bring back and properly start my blog. While I was having my dinner yesterday I was fascinated by the sky around me. Below is the picture I took of it to capture the moment:

This got me thinking...

What if I began a photography blog, an online place for me to look back and remember memories I have created. Taking pictures of nature, landscapes and often food is such a passion of mine, which seems silly not to recreate online for myself and any one else who seems to come across it.

As said in my first post, seeing great blogs like Zoella's and asprinkleofglitter makes me believe things like this are possible. So with that, I leave you with a few pictures I have taken.

My next post will be of my holiday to Washington DC last summer, where I brought and took a Canon Camera to get great pictures.



Thursday, 6 August 2015

Brave New World

Recently, I have been obsessed with watching Zoe's and Louise's vlogs on youtube and thought it must be a fantastic way to meet and find new friends. I am much to anxious and shy at this moment to create a youtube channel where everyone watches me and my life is very much in the limelight of a lot of people's lives.

That is where I thought of the idea of starting a blog. This blog will be my online diary. I would much like to become a photographer in the future and think this could be a great way to get my work noticed.

At this precise moment I cannot tell you what genre this blog will be, whether it be make-up, travel etc. Each post will probably be unique and I can promise that each picture will be taken by myself.

I think one post a week will be acceptable to start with. I would hope that through time more people will see my blog and actually request posts, which would be amazing.

Let this, together, be the start of a new world!



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